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'Finally! The first Automated Article Writing System where it's as simple as putting a quarter into a gumball machine - Except, There's an Actual Human Behind The Creation Of Your Content!'

Hey Scott, I just wanted to say your writer's are top notch! They were able to write a batch of 10 articles for me related to the carpet cleaning niche. This is not an easy subject to write about if you aren't in the business. Not only did they do a wonderful job, they help me get a top 5 spot on the Google search engine for the terms "carpet cleaning business" and "start a carpet cleaning business" You've got a lifetime customer!

-Bobby Walker

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Dear fellow Webmaster, Marketer, etc...

crypto trading terminal You probably already know that using Articles is a GREAT way to drive traffic, promote affiliate products, get back links to your site, (Which helps to increase your search engine rankings), And of course, build the credibility of your website(s).

There are so many ways you can use articles, I'd have to devote an entire webpage to all the different ways you can use them! Just ONE article can get you hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks to your website in a relatively short period of time.

If you're not familiar with backlinks... that's ok, it's not that complicated -- it's basically what the word means: (Backlinks) A link from another website back to yours. It's one of the ways Google rates your site, and these backlinks help to increase your rankings in the search engines which in-turn, increases your chances for more traffic.

The plain simple fact is... using Articles is a very effective way to advertise and even generate income if you choose.

However, the typical way most people go about using articles is to run over to a free article distribution site, such as Go Articles and grab someone else's article and slap it up on a website as content. I know, because I used to do it. No doubt, this approach is a quick-fix to adding content to your website... but, in all actuality, you're adding backlinks and credibility to someone else's website -- and 'not yours'.

It's a plain fact that whenever you choose to use someone else's article, the rule is that you maintain the authors name, copyright notice and URL that links back to wherever (usually their website) in the article. Of course, you can always be a poor sport and decide to remove that part, which some do. But you take the risk of copyright violation - which can carry heavy penalties.

SO, what other options do you have?

You can always buy a bunch of private label articles, which sometimes, it's not a bad idea... but, it just means that you're very likely sharing the same articles with a thousand other people who bought the same articles.

It's up to you! You can continue using other people's articles which is very common. Or, you can write your own articles and get the full benefit of having your 'own' URL(s) in them that link to wherever you want - building your credibility AND, even your income if you choose!

But you might say, "Scott, I really wish I could... but I just don't have the time to do this! And even if I did, I don't think I could write a very good, or interesting article."

And if this is you... I couldn't agree more. Writing your own articles, let alone a good flowing article, can take a lot of work. That's why I decided to create '' for people just like you that want to use the power of articles, but lack either the writing skills or the time to do so.

Allow me to help YOU put the power of Articles to work for you!

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, I'm going to allow you 24/7 access to my 'automated' article-writing system I created that you can use on the fly whenever you need quick custom, original content that ONLY you own the rights too!

I originally created this system for my own personal use so that way I could automate & simplify the task of writing articles whenever I wanted. You might ask how in the heck can you automate article-writing?

Believe me, I didn't think it was possible either. But that's the beauty of computer programming friend!

'' is just the place for you if you want to use the power of Articles but:

Lack the time...
The writing skills...
Or, The motivation AND would just rather have someone else, OR a system do it for you! can become your own little "secret weapon" whenever you need a quick article for just about any subject you can imagine!

Read what some of my newest users are already saying...

create cryptocurrency exchange Scott, I want to say your site is awesome. I am a registered nurse gone infopreneur. After starting my website, I quickly realized how much time it takes to write content. I am an expert in the health field and know about diseases, treatment, etc. But what I like about your site is that I can give your writers my keywords to write about and receive a well researched article. Of course, I add my own flavor and more technical terms if needed but most of the time I don't have to. I always tell the writers to take a look at my site and get a feel for how I put my content together and I can tell they do just that. I still write alot of my own content but this gives me more options because I am a mother and wife and quite busy. Thanks for a great site!
-Zandra Jones RN BBA

"Scott, You have really provided a great service. As a very prolific writer myself I can appreciate good writing and it is an absolute necessity in internet marketing today. I ordered 10 articles my first day to "test" your system and had all 10 in a little over 24 hours! I highly recommend your service."

-Greg Hall


"Very quick!"

This is the greatest thing! And I will use this often. They were quick and very detailed in their writing. I have always wanted my own articles for my sites but was not comfortable with me doing my own articles. Thanks again,

-John Perkins


"Your site gives me everything I need!"

cryptocurrency hong kong Scott, this is amazing man! You would not believe the hassle I've gone through finding good writers to write my articles.

It is a real pain because I'll find a writer and they'll write a few articles and then disappear on me.

So, I have to go to the freelance sites and hire someone else who stays around for awhile and then disappears. It's a real pain and a huge waste of time.

Your site gives me everything I need to hire competent, fast writers without any of the headaches of the freelance sites. Plus, your writers are cheaper then I can hire on my own!

It's a no brainer. Anyone who needs articles written needs to sign up for And if you don't think you need articles -- well, you're really missing the boat.

James Jones


'Following Day Delivery!'

Absolutely incredible service.... Following day my article was delivered. Content is brilliant. I'll be using your services a lot more. Real soon. Thanks again

-Ken Williams


Hi Scott, Thank you for the fantastic service. It is not easy to write if English is not your first language. Your service is saving me the time and the money as well. Articles usually are ready in 24 hours. I have to be honest with you, I did start requesting not easy everyday articles and it was done quick and in professional matter. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to use your services for a long time.

Vadim Struzman Sydney Australia


Practically Take My Works Away. I have been outsourcing my articles to many writers but none of them can meet the standard and pricing of Need-An-Article. Most of the articles that have been written for me do not even require a re-write. This is definitely one of my most important bookmarks.

Jaz Lai


Well, what can I say. I am really impressed. I joined only yesterday and submitted my first request for an article. It was quite late at night. It is now just after midday of the following day and my article is done. I read it twice and was really happy with the way the article was written. You have got yourself a very long term customer.


Here's how it works: For a small monthly fee of $14.97 (Going up soon!) $9.95 today (about the cost of a cup of coffee per day) I'll let you have complete, uninterrupted access to my secret Automated system I use for my own article writing needs.

I have personally hand-picked a select team of article writing warriors that are standing by to write articles for about the cost of a Big-mac and a coke! Actually, a Big-mac value meal is more! Priced around $6.00 after tax. And to purchase an article credit in the system is $5.52 [Example]

So you get good quality articles for a great price without hardly lifting a finger, and my writers are happy to get more work - it's all win win.

Like I said, the best part about it is you don't have to do anything but login to your private members area and simply submit a request for an article or articles, provide your details and any other resources like URLS, Bio, copyright notice and Walla!!! You can often times have an article before the day's out!

Of course, you may have requests that need more research and we are glad to help in that area too. Or, you may have a need for some 'specialized content' that you need us to tackle. Note: The above applies to single article requests In addition , article turn around times can vary from time time due to system load volume as indicated by the system load indicator in the member's area. Moreover, turn around times can also be delayed due to obscure, hard to decipher descriptions, or topics that require extensive research, etc.

It's basically like having an automatic machine that spits out articles whenever you need!

Our starter called the "S Article" has a word limit of 550 words, and averages around $5+ per article. What this means is anytime you need content for your website, YOU'LL have 'total control' of what kind of content it will be. No longer will you have to settle with placing someone else's content on your site which boosts someone else's credibility - instead, you'll now be boosting yours!

But wait! There's more coming to need-an-article...

Besides all the great stuff we've added and continue to add, you might be wondering what kind of quality you can expect from a Need An Article membership? Well, I'll let Angela tell you below - one of need-an-article's High quality (American-based) writers!

Meet 'Ang' One of Need-An-Article's Top Content Producers!

Hello, my name is Angela and as one of your content producers, I can offer an extensive background in creating search engine optimized and highly informative articles that reflect the highest quality. As a writer here, I am able to put my talents to work for others on a daily basis.

By using the services here at, you can rest assured that when you submit a request with your unique specifications, we will work diligently to provide not only the quality you expect - but a pleasant experience along with support that is unmatched!

See you on the inside!

-Angela S
NAA Team member

Forget about having to place articles on your site that you're not sure will 'strike a chord' with your readers!

Terrific! I'm amazed at how quickly you were able to complete my first project. Now that I know you're the real deal, I'll be using your services regularly! Thanks again! Randy

Articles are so important to any online business. Now I can dominate any niche I darn well feel like. I used to spend a lot of time writing articles but now I can load the system with requests in about 10 minutes and have it all done for me. This is the best money I've ever invested. It's going to pay huge dividends. A job well done Scott.

-Mike Hill

Well Scott, I have been learning this trade 'so to speak' for a while now and after coming across your service I am astounded.I have obviously heard of other services like this but for ease of use and quality of finished product I can only say WOW ! I intend to be a user for as long as you are here and all this after only one article.

-Alan Richardson

Hey Scott, Great service! I love the speed and the ease of use! Iíve used other ghostwriters in the past and itís always such a hassle. First you have to check references, then you have to agree on the terms and time frame Ėit takes days before the writer is even working on your articles. With your service, I signed up, requested a few articles and had them back AND posted to my site in under 24 hours. Amazing -David Olson

When I first found this service I just couldnt believe the claims. Knowing the importance of website content I had to give it a try. The articles are very well written and done in a timely manner. This service is the bomb!


Perfect... Saves Time & Money! Fast, Well Written, Original and now mine In the past, I have purchased private right articles that were shared with other buyers and not really original content or I've struggled through researching, outlining and proofing articles myself but to have a quality article delivered so fast and so reasonable is awesome... Scott. Thank you so much for providing this highly recommended service.I especially like the options available for articles. I'll be sure to recommend this to my list and on my own website. -Leon Edward

Start using my automated article system and YOU control what your articles will be about.

As a subscriber to it's easy! You just simply login to your Private Member's Area and submit an article request and let the system go to work for you!

Pretty impressive you might say!

But wait, maybe you're not fully convinced that using articles is something you can get excited about. If so, then I'd like you to allow me to convince you otherwise! That's why I'm going to bend over backwards and let you grab a membership at a discount! What this means is, when you join today - your membership will be locked in, sealed, and never raised again! The value of the site keeps increasing, So Grab a membership before we reach our limit.

"Instant Quality Content Without Writing A Word!"

Hi Scott,

You've created a definite winner and powerful service
with, in fact it's a no-brainer for
any marketer and website owner who wants quality
instant content without writing a word!

I'm also happy to say your commitment to help people is second to none - and your products are top notch...keep it up buddy, you're a rare breed!

- Ewen Chia


I have to say I'm very impressed with your new article writing service. Being a skeptic as I am, I joined your service with the intention of testing it out. I submitted my request for articles. I wasn't really expecting much. Was I ever suprised! My articles were not only completed in less than 12 hours but they were written EXACTLY as I had requested. Excellent Job!

-Heather Colman

NAA Special $14.97 9.95 Special discount! (Going up soon!) AND we will eventually limit the membership base because we can only manage so many article requests per day. Lock in your spot while we're still taking members at our special discounted price.


YES Scott! I Want A Subscription To Your 'Automated Article System' For A Low Monthly Fee Of Only $14.97 $9.95 per month!

Note: This is a No-Hype, Special limited offer - And They're filling up quickly! So hurry and lock in your membership!

register here

All of your personal information will be kept strictly confidential under lock and key!

Scott Foster
Niche News Journal

Listen To This Wild And Crazy Guy!

Hi this is Scott Foster, and even though is my own site - I thought I'd kinda break away from the norm and leave myself a testimony :) I just want to say that I think this was a really great idea from the beginning and I'm looking forward to helping you make your article writing a breeze! I really think you'll like the simplicity and efficiency you'll experience by using my system. Thank you for taking the time to visit and I encourage you to become a member of Need-an-article today!

-Scott Foster


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